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Age: 27 

Skin type: Super Sensitive and dry

Hair type: long and straight

Favourite quote: Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.


Morning Routine

I always plan to exercise in the mornings but with the cold weather now on us I sometimes prefer to be snuggled up in bed. Lately I have also started experimenting with an ancient Aayurvedic tradition called oil pulling which has been said to have a multitude of health benefits. haven’t heard of it? Google it..

Once I have finished exercising or oil pulling I will then start my morning skin-care routine.

Once I jump in the shower, it’s fairly no fuss. If I’m shampooing that day, I swap between MGA shampoo orAcure Pure Mint + Echinacea Shampoo depending on how my hair and scalp are filling. But more regularly than not it’s the voluminzing shampoo from Acure. I then apply the respective conditioner and let it sit for few minutes while I get on with cleansing my face.

I do a quick buff with my KUU Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay, I choose this one because it’s especially great for sensitive and dry skin. They are help stimulate blood flow, balance ph and gently exfoliate. You can use it on its own and after sleeping you often don’t need a full deep cleanse so the Kuu Konjac sponge is perfect.

If I’ve exercised then I’ll use Skinnyskinny The Cleanser Organic Face Wash which has a bit more oomph with sweat and dirt. I often pair it with a cotton muslin cloth as it helps my skin to be softer and cleaner.

Then I wash and scrub the rest of my body....with water. Yes, just water!

Once I have finished showering I pat dry my face and apply a small amount of MGA Elemeni Radiance Face Oilfor Normal Complexions. I let it seep in for a few minutes and it is absorbed quickly. This oil is perfect if your skin gets irritated easily and I find the combination of rosehip and apricot kernel oil helps to calm and soothe and keep the skin more consistent. What’s left on my fingertips I run through the ends of my wet hair, to help ease the split ends. Depending on how dry the weather is I will also use either the Skincando Miracle Cream or the S.W Basics Cream or even a mixture of both on different areas of my face. Sometimes I will also use the MGS Skin Rescue Cream or just a little bit of coconut oil on my body.

Every day I also use Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream. When I started using it, it took about 3 weeks for my pits to get used to not having the chemicals and aluminum plugging up my pores so if you are looking to change to this deodorant, be patient.

Finally, I put on a coat of Kosmea Sunscreen SPF30+ ,which is non-negotiable for me with my fair skin, on my face, neck and décolleté. It also acts as my primer/base for make up.



When it comes to my make-up routine I like a fairly natural ‘no fuss’ look so I use a kabuki brush to apply theStudio 78 Paris Mattifying Powder all over, with a little swipe of their powder bronzing powder and a smudge of their blush on the apples of my cheeks. My complexion is the kind that needs some colour, otherwise I look tired and ill. I always use Studio 78 Mascara and sometimes, depending on the day and my mood I’ll apply some black/charcoal liner.

In winter I find my cheeks and forehead can get quite dry so I will sometimes warm up a little bit of SWB Creamin my fingertips and pat it on the dry areas following the application of my make-up. I love it because it protects and nourishes my skin all day, while giving me a natural dewy look.



After a busy day, my routine in the evening is pretty low key, I try and focus on relaxing and unwinding.

One of my favorite things to do in Winter is to bath. I love hot baths but find sometimes it dries my skin out so I put a little of theSkinnyskinny Chamomile Body Oil in the water, then once I hop out I am coated in a beautiful layer of nourishing oil. This helps prevent my skin from becoming irritated and dry.


I vow to never go to bed without washing off all the grime, dirt and makeup on my face from the day.  I mostly use skinnyskinny’s The Organic Cleanse as it’s failsafe in making me feel clean, relaxed and ready for a restful sleep. Alternatively, I use SWB exfoliant, which is made from almonds, oats and salt, it’s super simply but leaves my skin exfoliated and glowing. I then quickly apply some Jojoba Oil to my face and maybe a little SWB cream if it needs a bit more hydration. 


Once a week I treat my face to a Ambre Botanicals Rhassoul Clay Face Mask, the clay comes from Morocco and is extremely rejuvenating, cleansing and nourishing. It’s important to have a few special rituals that you can indulge yourself in every now and again.

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