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It’s an awesome face and body moisturizer, but our bestselling S.W Basics Cream actually lends itself to a variety of unconventional uses. Below, is a break down by S.W Basics giving you 5 surprising ways to use their 3-ingredient, USDA-Certified Organic S.W. staple. 



A Hair Mask

Got dry, brittle locks? Us, too! To remedy it, we’ll take a big dollop of our Cream and apply it thoroughly all over our hair, focusing on our ends. It’s great as an overnight treatment or use it before you head into the sun.

A Sunburn Ointment 

The ultra-moisturizing blend of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil in our Cream is great for soothing sensitive, burned skin. Moreover, the antioxidants in both olive and coconut oil can help reduce the redness and damage from sun exposure. Apply liberally on your scorched areas. (Also, did you know shea butter has a natural SPF of 6?)

A Scalp Treatment 

We go to great lengths to ensure our faces and limbs stay hydrated, but what about our scalps? Given they can be exposed to the harshest of personal care products – such as sulfate-filled shampoos – scalps actually need some major TLC. Take the Cream and rub it gently onto your scalp (as though you’re using shampoo), or spot-apply it where needed.

A Bug Bite Healer 

So, you’ve gotten attacked by bugs…and are insanely itchy. The shea butter in our Cream will serve dual purposes here: 

  1. It will assist in reducing inflammation. 
  2. It will help prevent any scarring from your scratch-happy tendencies. 

A Beard Treatment

A scratchy beard’s not-so-great underbelly? Dehydrated, irritated skin. Give your beard (or your man’s beard) a good rub down with our Cream to treat both the hair and the inflamed follicles.


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