Want to go CLEAN..............??

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Do you want to reduce the number of toxic chemicals your body is absorbing?

I couldn’t tell you the number of times we have been asked- "so, I want to use chemical free skincare products, but where do I start, there are so many to choose from?".....


1. Read the labels, do your homework.......

Yes, there are many options to choose from out there in the big wide world of skincare products, and not all of them contain high quality chemical free ingredients. Unfortunately a product can be labelled organic or natural and still contain nasty chemicals, so you really need to carefully examine the ingredients list. There is nothing worse than thinking you are doing the right thing by eliminating nasty chemicals and then ending up just wasting your money!!

Cleanse Skincare has done the tricky work for you and found the best products from around the world. When you purchase something from Cleanse Skincare you can be assured that it does not contain any of the chemicals listed in our “no-go” ingredient list. And believe me, we have a tough policy, we get approached so often to sell brands which look fantastic, but we dig deep, really deep and often one tiny little ingredient will knock them out.


2. Replace your crap filled products as you finish them with new clean products.

In an ideal world we would recommend that you throw all the crap filled products in your makeup bag/ bathroom draw/ handbag in the rubbish bin and start fresh with chemical free products, but not many of us live in that world. So, our suggestion is that as you finished your old products replace them with new non toxic, natural products and slowly convert.

If you are unsure or just want some clarification- shoot us an email, we are always more than happy to help. Same goes if you have a product you just love and we don’t stock it, let us know, chances are others will love it too!

Enjoy xo

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