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Sorry, it’s been longer than we had hoped between blog posts….we can’t believe it’s been almost 3 weeks since we launched…wow!

Thanks to everyone for your support – we have been inundated with well wishes and with people wanting to start their clean skincare regime.

We are very pleased with the number of orders so far. Please keep spreading the good word.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what combination of products to use. Everyone’s skin type is different. Adding to this difficulty is the weather! As the seasons change (which is happening now) so does our skin and its needs.

One of our favorite brands here at Cleanse is S.W Basics. It is about as pure and simple as skincare gets and the results speak for themselves. Each S.W Basics product contains no more than 5 ingredients with most of them containing less than 5. Fewer ingredients means more potent skincare. The entire line really captures the spirit behind the green beauty movement - less is more when it comes to achieving truly healthy skin.

S.W Basics have come up with a few guidelines depending on your skin type (or a combination), so we thought we would share them to make your choices a little easier.




Best products: Cleanser and Cream


If you have super dry skin, you need to be really nourishing it. It’s not good to wash dry skin too often, and you definitely shouldn’t be using a moisturizer with water in it. Water evaporates from the skin and leaves it stripped of its natural oils, aka more dry than before. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from what’s around it. If you use a product with too much glycerin in it, it’ll actually pull the moisture from your face. But a small amount (a la our cleanser) will pull moisture from the air and add it to your skin. Our cream has no water in it, and is super rich. A little bit goes a long way. An even better feature is that the oils will soak completely into your pores, healing you on the inside. And also, not giving you cancer. Double bonus.


Best products: Toner, Exfoliant, and Cream


The truth about oily skin is that you’re actually over-producing oil because you’re dry. No lie. So you need to balance your pH (toner), detox your pores (exfoliant) and hydrate them inside and out, so that you stop producing so much oil (cream). You should also eat more oils like olive oil, avocados, flax, chia, and coconut oil.


Best products: Makeup Remover and Cream


Stop using everything. Wash your face with 20 splashes of water in the morning and at night. In the morning, add a little bit of cream to protect your pores. At night, massage a small amount of the remover onto your face, using circular motions (stimulates blood flow!). And make sure that no matter how sensitive you are, you absolutely and completely remove your makeup. Feel free to leave the makeup remover on overnight, but you can also wipe it clean if you prefer it!


Best products: Cleanser and Toner


Acne has many very frustrating causes, including genetics, environment, food, stress, hormones… The list goes on and on. Another cause that drives me personally crazy is the products you’re using to fix the acne. So many of them actually make it worse! Even if you are initially better, you’re becoming dependent, and your skin ends up needing the product to stay healthy, and you’re damaging your pores with chemicals. Rosewater fights bacteria but is super gentle. Tea tree oil is a great acne fighter, but can be really harsh (don’t apply it undiluted to your skin!). We only use 2 drops in our cleanser. Every ingredient in the toner is there to help acne, and is all diluted with water so that it’s not too much for your damaged skin to handle. The goal is permanent healing, not just a temporary fix.

P.S If you struggle with the idea of using cotton ball/pad (organic if possible) for application, you can always put a little in your hand and splash it on your face, like an old school mens after shave.

H&S xx



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