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Here are just a few reasons why you should change all those products full of nasties over to natural products.

The fewer chemicals and toxins in your daily regime the better right!! 





Skin Absorption

As much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream,” Says Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D. an lowa-based physician. There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and different skin disorders. A clear example of this are patches that allow medicine to be applied topically and absorbed through the skin - i.e. birth control patches/nicotine patches.


Perfumes and fragrances are synthetic chemicals that do not have any medicinal or aroma therapeutic value - in fact, many of the chemicals composing perfumes/fragrances can irritate the skin and can cause other health problems. On an ingredient label, "fragrance" means that product can contain up to 4,000 different unknown ingredients, due to trademarking laws, these ingredients don't have to be disclosed. Many of these chemicals are known irritants such as formaldehyde-releasing chemicals that can trigger allergies, migraines, and asthma symptoms. 

Colour cosmetic

Typically, colour cosmetics use synthetic colours (FD&C colors) or minerals, which contain mercury or lead. Many major brands of lipsticks contain lead, see No More Dirty Looks' recent article here

100% Pure's range is different, their cosmetics are coloured from pure fruit and vegetable pigments! Fruit pigments are what makes strawberries red, blueberry skin blue and concord grape skin purple - they're the actual fruit colours. All the antioxidants and vitamins present in fruits and vegetables are found in the actual pigments - which is what they use to color their cosmetics! So, you benefit from all of the healthy nutrients when you apply 100% Pure color cosmetics to your skin.


Synthetic preservatives contain harmful chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives which can be absorbed through the skin and have been linked to skin sensitivity and cancer. Many of our products have no or low amounts of water in them, this helps as no/less preservatives (there are a number of natural ones) are required. 

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Hi Heidi and Sally,

I found your website after reading about Skin Cleanse (Adina Grigore’s book) and S.W. Basics on Goop. I had adult acne not too long ago and went on a Roaccutane treatment at the advice of my dermatologist to clear it up (sometimes I wish I hadn’t as my skin has never been the same since). I’ve had a breakouts and pretty bad pigmentation since – mostly on my forehead and have been trying so hard to find something natural, organic and clean that will help.

Like every beauty nut – I love my cosmetics but am aware of all the toxic chemicals and ingredients in them and am trying to wean myself off them. I eat healthily (lots of fruit and veg), exercise at least 4 days a week (yoga and running) and have given up dairy and wheat (not coffee yet unfortunately) so I’m hoping all of this will help!

I’ve just ordered the S.W Basics kit on your site to try and I’m hoping this will be the start of a very long love affair! In the meanwhile, do you have any recommendations on a good tinted moisturiser that will give good coverage for some acne scars (I’m a medium/dark)? Also, have you heard of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and what do you think about it?



Posted by Zehan on April 14, 2015

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