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All About Acne

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All About Acne is an in-depth look at the roller coaster that a passionate skinnyskinny customer went through to get clear skin! Most of us have been there, but to differing degrees.

Breakouts, blemishes, acne: no matter what you call it, there's no way around it, "problem skin" as it is sometimes referred to can be absolutely exhausting. And for those who suffer from acne, there isn't much that you wouldn't do to see clear skin. I know, I was there before. Years after getting through the monster that is puberty mostly unscathed in terms of acne, my skin took a turn for the worst.

Want to go CLEAN..............??

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Do you want to reduce the number of toxic chemicals your body is absorbing?

I couldn’t tell you the number of times we have been asked- "so, I want to use chemical free skincare products, but where do I start, there are so many to choose from?".....


1. Read the labels, do your homework.......

Yes, there are many options to choose from out there in the big wide world of skincare products, and not all of them contain high quality chemical free ingredients. Unfortunately a product can be labelled organic or natural and still contain nasty chemicals, so you really need to carefully examine the ingredients list. There is nothing worse than thinking you are doing the right thing by eliminating nasty chemicals and then ending up just wasting your money!!

Cleanse Skincare has done the tricky work for you and found the best products from around the world. When you purchase something from Cleanse Skincare you can be assured that it does not contain any of the chemicals listed in our “no-go” ingredient list. And believe me, we have a tough policy, we get approached so often to sell brands which look fantastic, but we dig deep, really deep and often one tiny little ingredient will knock them out.


2. Replace your crap filled products as you finish them with new clean products.

In an ideal world we would recommend that you throw all the crap filled products in your makeup bag/ bathroom draw/ handbag in the rubbish bin and start fresh with chemical free products, but not many of us live in that world. So, our suggestion is that as you finished your old products replace them with new non toxic, natural products and slowly convert.

If you are unsure or just want some clarification- shoot us an email, we are always more than happy to help. Same goes if you have a product you just love and we don’t stock it, let us know, chances are others will love it too!

Enjoy xo

Need help choosing your next products

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So, you have checked out our online boutique and you are not sure what combination of products to buy. --- Why not start with a cleanser and moisturiser. Here are a few suggestions....

Want to try a little of a lot.. 

Check out the S.W Basics Full Kit or Bestseller Mini Kit.You get to try a:

All these products are packed full of high potency ingredients and contain 5 ingredients or less.


Belly Butter VS Belly Oil

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This amazing post was written by Heather from Zoe Organics.

We are commonly asked to explain the difference between our Belly Oil and Belly Butter. When during the course of pregnancy should they be used? Should they be used together? Can one be used without the other? Which one is best for preventing stretch marks? This post is for all you fabulous mamas who are asking these really great questions!  

Zoe Organics Belly Oil and Belly Butter were created to each serve specific and unique purposes. Both are made up entirely of certified organic ingredients and are waterless, which translates into incredibly concentrated, toxin-free skin care, chock full of beneficial nutrients for your stretching skin. We recommend applying these products from the breasts down to the hips. 

So what IS the main difference between the Belly Oil and Belly Butter? 

For starters, they are made up of very different ingredients and are in different forms. The Belly Oil is an oil serum, packed with omegas that help maintain skin's strength and elasticity as it stretches. This oil is lighter than the Belly Butter and penetrates deeper. Made with virgin grape seed, rose hip seed, pumpkin seed and tamanu oils, it fights stretch marks during pregnancy and helps to reduce redness and inflammation postpartum, if they do appear, which is common in those final stretches of pregnancy. 

The Belly Butter is a rich conditioner, formulated with a really high percentage of organic shea butter. We use a lot of shea butter around here because of its high vitamin and essential fatty acid content, necessary for collagen production. This product is also a home run when it comes to promoting strong, elastic skin during pregnancy and postpartum.

  1. When during the course of pregnancy should I use a Belly Oil or Butter? 

You can start nurturing your skin right away, but most definitely when it begins to stretch. Most women find their breasts are the first thing to change during pregnancy. Don't neglect the hips either. Every woman's body is different. Pay attention to growth and stay moisturized.

  1. Should the Belly Oil and Belly Butter be used together? Or can I use one and not the other?

These products can be used together or separately. You definitely don't have to use both, but you may find it very beneficial to do so! The Belly Oil is lighter and may be preferable during the day as it soaks in faster. The Belly Butter is like a leave in hair treatment or decadent face mask. Apply it at night and let it do its magic while you sleep. Especially wonderful during the 3rd trimester when skin is stretching fast and that dreaded belly itch comes to town. 

  1. Which one is best for preventing stretch marks? 

We wish we could say we have the secret potion to preventing stretch marks, but there are other factors besides topical moisturizers that determine your stretch mark fate. Stretch marks occur when the pressure from stretching is so great that the collagen and elastic fibers give way and small tears occur in the dermal layer of our skin. There is a genetic predisposition component, but we also believe that by nourishing our skin with essential nutrients, we can give our skin the best chance both for prevention and repair. We have designed these two products to do just that.  

  1. If I do end up with stretch marks, what can I do?

Stretch marks are a symbol of the magic that happened within our powerful feminine bodies, but we understand that they can impact how we feel about our appearance too. If you do get stretch marks, we recommend that you use our Belly Oil daily (you can apply the oil directly to the stretch marks several times per day as well) to reduce the appearance of the marks. Because the stretch marks are deep tears below the surface of your skin, they will not go away, but you can improve the appearance of them. It won't happen overnight, but with care, they will fade with time.

We hope this has cleared up a few things, we have so many amazing Zoe Organic products just hop over to our Zoe Organic Tab.

love xo

Keep it Simple - SW Basics Cream - 5 ways

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It’s an awesome face and body moisturizer, but our bestselling S.W Basics Cream actually lends itself to a variety of unconventional uses. Below, is a break down by S.W Basics giving you 5 surprising ways to use their 3-ingredient, USDA-Certified Organic S.W. staple. 



A Hair Mask

Got dry, brittle locks? Us, too! To remedy it, we’ll take a big dollop of our Cream and apply it thoroughly all over our hair, focusing on our ends. It’s great as an overnight treatment or use it before you head into the sun.

A Sunburn Ointment 

The ultra-moisturizing blend of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and organic olive oil in our Cream is great for soothing sensitive, burned skin. Moreover, the antioxidants in both olive and coconut oil can help reduce the redness and damage from sun exposure. Apply liberally on your scorched areas. (Also, did you know shea butter has a natural SPF of 6?)

A Scalp Treatment 

We go to great lengths to ensure our faces and limbs stay hydrated, but what about our scalps? Given they can be exposed to the harshest of personal care products – such as sulfate-filled shampoos – scalps actually need some major TLC. Take the Cream and rub it gently onto your scalp (as though you’re using shampoo), or spot-apply it where needed.

A Bug Bite Healer 

So, you’ve gotten attacked by bugs…and are insanely itchy. The shea butter in our Cream will serve dual purposes here: 

  1. It will assist in reducing inflammation. 
  2. It will help prevent any scarring from your scratch-happy tendencies. 

A Beard Treatment

A scratchy beard’s not-so-great underbelly? Dehydrated, irritated skin. Give your beard (or your man’s beard) a good rub down with our Cream to treat both the hair and the inflamed follicles.


Aren't you amazed?!

Head over to Cleanse now to grab this must have winter product.

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Ditch + Switch - Great Natural Alteratives to Conventional Nasties

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Do you want to make the switch over to natural and nontoxic products for you and your family? Are you struggling to know where to start? Or what’s good and what’s bad?

You don’t need to throw everything out all at once, it can be a gradual process as things run out. But just make sure you are making a well informed choice for the next products you purchase.

We are going to start posting regularly with what you can swap in and out of your skincare regime to help take the guess work out of it.

Here's the first one:

Pawpaw ointments SWITCH TO Zoe Organics Everything Balm


Fermented pawpaw is good for you right? Yes, however sadly the most popular pawpaw ointment on the market contains a mere 4% pawpaw. That means the remaining amount is made up of mainly petroleum jelly, but also castor oil and canola oil. They claim it is a ‘safe’ petroleum. Safe petroleum? Sounds like an oxy-moron to me!

The Perfect Bright (nontoxic) Lipstick

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So, I told you I would let you know when I found a fabulous bright pink lipstick, to replace my favourite but nasty, full of chemicals bright pink lippy. And I have!!!

In fact I have found 2!!

But before I announce my exciting news, have you ever stopped to think about what is actually in your lipstick?

Every day we apply our lippy and then reapply and reapply again. Think about how many times per day you put lipstick on your lips. Now, think about where that lipstick goes, mostly it wears off as we eat and drink.

Studies show that an average woman consumes 2-4 kgs of lipstick over their life time.