About Us

At CLEANSE SKINCARE we strongly believe that the products you use everyday should be free of harmful ingredients and toxins.

Cleanse Skincare was established in 2012. However, our journey to create Cleanse Skincare began prior to this when we started looking into and researching clean skincare and beauty products with the aim of reducing the harmful ingredients that we were absorbing into our own bodies, everyday.

From here we began to change our products from conventional harmful products to cleaner natural skincare options. As the industry in Australia is still relatively new, compared to overseas markets, there is not only a lack of information but also a limited variety of products that work as well as, if not better than, conventional ones.

We hope to change this.

One of the problems within the beauty and skincare industry is that there are limited regulations controlling the labelling of products in Australia, this means that brands can label products ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ without evidence supporting these claims. In fact, all the ingredients don’t even have to be listed on the label.

Even if people are aware of the harmful effects of many conventional product ingredients, this lack of regulation makes is very hard for the consumer to differentiate between genuinely clean products and those trying to market themselves as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ when they are really full of nasties.

With this in mind, we have done the hard work to provide Cleanse Skincare customers with products that are clean, natural and organic. This is why our ingredient policy is so important to us. It means our customers can be sure that the products they buy from Cleanse Skincare do not contain any of the harmful ingredients listed in our policy.

Following on from this, we have also created product transparency, where ALL the ingredients used in a product are disclosed and listed on the product page. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding these ingredients. 

To ensure our customers love our products as much as we do, we have trialled every individual product. There are a number of criteria that we use to assess the product before listing it on our website including: how the product is produced, ingredient policy compliance and of course the performance.

We hope to provide more options for people looking for superior products in natural skin care, while also creating an awareness of the harmful effects of various ingredients and the benefits of using natural ingredients in your everyday products.


Sally and Heidi xx